Thomas Terbay

Contracted Facilitator and Office Administrator

At an early age I knew I wanted to help people. I wanted to be a doctor. Preferably in a small town where I would really have an impact on helping the community. Before I graduated high school I had a chance to serve as a volunteer firefighter and fell in love with that kind of work. I changed my mind and decided I wanted a career in the emergency services field. For years I served in some combination of volunteer paid firefighter/EMT acting paramedic/critical care registered nurse. An on-the-job accident ended my career in that field. My path of recovery crossed with that of a woman named Rita.

Following her advice, I eventually showed up at the door of AAMHC in hopes of getting a half-price Metro Access pass. After a year of availing myself of the services provided by AAMHC I decided I would like to volunteer to give back to the organization that I found help me so much. I put in an application to volunteer and was accepted, soon helping at the front desk. I soon grew brave enough to express my need to be more useful to my peer mentor Don. He suggested that perhaps I could bring my passion for Tai Chi to AAMHC. I took the necessary steps and was on the calendar leading a one hour group seated Tai Chi & Qigong. Eventually, I was offered a paying job assisting in the office. That evolved into becoming office assistant manager working under Rita’s supervision. I moved from that job to data specialist. I was also given the opportunity to train as a mental health care specialist and I am well on my way to certification as I am almost done with my supervised internship.

I really enjoy helping people and feel so rewarded when I can help someone realize their potential.  I live in South Austin with my emotional support dog and her taco. 

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