Friday Ashley

Support Group and WRAP facilitator

Friday Ashley, LMT (She/They) first came to the SHAC in February 2022. At this point of their personal story, they were looking for something different to enhance their wellness journey. The journey started in early 2006 when she first found Sobriety. This major life change kicked off a quest to learn about spirituality, physical self-care and mental health wellness. In 2014 she earned a Licensed Massage Therapist certification, initially working with patients in a chiropractic clinic. Eventually, she started building a private practice that was halted with the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown. It was an effort to come out of the “Covid Cave” that initiated the first contact with the Austin Mental Health Community. The General Support Group meetings introduced them to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). WRAP works well for Ashley and has given them an opportunity to tap into a lifelong desire to help others recover from life’s various mental health challenges. Ashley has restored their massage therapy private practice and is excited to explore the connection between the mental and physical self-care daily routines which support overall wellness. She has become known for work in SHAC Member Engagement Projects, has completed General Support Group and WRAP Facilitator training. Currently, Ashley is a Support Group Facilitator and can meet with members to work on their WRAP individually. She has begun the journey to earn the MHPS Certification by completing the core coursework offered through Via Hope. Hope is at the core of Ashley’s faith in this chapter of their life story titled, “This Living-My-Best-Life Thing is DO-ABLE!”

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